If we didn't have projects to work on, it's pretty clear what we'd be doing. We'd be doing nothing. Not a thing.

The thought of being projectless—it's terrifying. Forget we ever mentioned the idea of a world without projects. Here, take a look at a few of these examples from our card catalog to help remind you that great projects indeed still exist out there.

It's going to be okay.
The Central Outpost
     Depth, Active

     The Central Outpost, The Headquarters for Gaming Clans
         / by Active Depth and community volunteers
     http://www.CentralOutpost.com/ : World Wide Web, c. 2000
         inf. p. : ill. (color) ;

     Our most popular and prosperous project, from which we've received the most attention, is this community web site. Launched just months after we began working professionally in the media industry, the Central Outpost quickly gathered a dedicated user base. With a lot of work, the site has been flourishing for over a decade. We crafted everything from the graphic design to the front-end development and even the custom content management system that provides the backbone of the site. Funding for the site's development is acheived through donations from the site's users.

     ISPN 0-1-2000-0001-9

     1. Gaming--Clans--Online. 2. Community. 3. Reference. 4. Listing. 5. Web site. I. Depth, Active, 2000-. II. Volunteers, community. III. Title.
The Type Foundry
     Marshall, CC

     The Type Foundry, Digital Typefaces from Active Depth
         / by CC Marshall
     http://www.ActiveDepth.com/typefoundry.php : World Wide Web,
             c. 2008
         7 p. : ill. ; TTF

     One of our primary ventures consists of exploring the creation of unique and usable typefaces. We've designed a variety of fonts which are for purchase and download.

     ISPN 0-1-2000-0003-9

     1. Typography--Typefaces. I. Depth, Active, 2000-. II. Marshall, CC (Cole C.), 20 C-. III. Title.
The Gallery
     Marshall, CC

     The Gallery, Digital Art from Active Depth / by CC Marshall
     http://www.ActiveDepth.com/gallery.php : World Wide Web,
             c. 2003
         104 p. : ill. (color) ; 16:10, 16:9, 5:4, 4:3

     The digital medium offers tools with the kind of control that can be offered in no other medium. The ease with which the images are generated and modified make the tools ideal to work with. It's the closest thing to perfection, which is a major reason why the images are so attractive. The Gallery features mostly abstract and environment images, rendered in standard screen resolutions, which are perfect for use as desktop backgrounds.

     ISPN 0-1-2000-0002-9

     1. Digital Art--Abstract. 3. Digital Art--Environments. 2. Digital Art--Miscellaneous. I. Depth, Active, 2000-. II. Marshall, CC (Cole C.), 20 C-. III. Title.
     Marshall, CC

     Shatter / by CC Marshall and Christopher Hedeen
     The Midwest : Active Depth, c. 2006
         TBD runtime.

     A complex, elaborate, and highly-detailed piece of intellectual property, the futuristic universe of Shatter is our most coveted fictional work. Set in the next century in a small, frozen region of a barren world where a monopoly is kept over the known world's precious food supply, a multitude of interests struggle for power and survival. Shatter is a work in progress.

     ISPN 0-1-2000-0004-9

     1. Fiction--Future--Dystopia. 2. Political struggle. 3. Science fiction. 4. Film. I. Marshall, CC (Cole C.), 20 C-. II. Christopher Hedeen, 20 C-. III. Title.
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